張天全新單曲《Carousel》上線 受邀成為好萊塢電影啪啪b全球推廣曲

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  5月24日,“砂糖嗓”張天的全新個人單曲《Carousel》在QQ音樂上線,這首融合瞭R&B 和Jazz曲風的歌曲,以迷幻、磅礴的氣勢演繹瞭一個反常規的愛情故事,彰顯瞭女性在愛情、生活中的堅強與勇氣。同時這首歌還是好萊塢災難大片《Adrift》的全球宣傳推廣曲。

  Carousel, the new single of “Sugar Voice” singer Tien Chong has been released on QQ Music on May 24th. This new song featuring both R&B and Jazz depicts a reverse lovestory in which the girl shows power and courage in her relationship and life. Moreover, this single has been selected as the Global Promotion Song for the Hollywood Catastrophe MovieAdrift.


  At the beginni深夜福利影院ng of 2018, a girl named Tien Chong debungated on the stage of Singer, a TV singing show in China. She got ev崩壞eryone impressed by her first song. Since then every time she performed, Tien has been showingto the public that there is a newrising momentum that will bring a different trend tothe Mandarin music. Before Tien, Jazz, Funk and Flamenco were just niche music genres in China. People tended to expect high-pitched and bright voices of female singers. However, Tien changed such stereotype.


  Tien has a rich, deep voice with throaty sexiness. When you listen to her song, you might feel yourself surrounded by a mixed aroma of tobacco and coffeeat a midnight cafe. Her deep and psychedelic voice will get you obsessed. However, Tien will never cater to the audience by singing easy songs. She has been trying and making steady moves to touch audience by conveying different feelings in each of her song. Although there are different opinions on her performance, we still can see her efforts and serious attitudes to music as well as her respect to the audience.

  如今,我們終於等到瞭《Carousel》:一首為她量身打造,能百分百展示她嗓音與風格的歌曲。這首歌充滿瞭現代暗系 R&B風,同時混合瞭新古典爵士,以磅礴的氣勢講述瞭一個反常規的愛情童話故事:不同於常見的英雄救美,而是美救英雄。

  Finally, Carouselcame online—a song matches her so much thatit will entirely show her voice and style. This song is aboutmodern dark R&Bmixed with a retro jazz swing, describing a reverse fairy tale—instead of the man saving the woman, the woman saves the man.


  Carousel perfectly matches Tien’s voice and style. Tien alsorepresents her flawless performance in this song. She sets a fantastic tone at the beginning of the song, with somewhat ups and downs in the melody and rhythm, which looks like being on a carousel, you got slightly drunk feeling both the real and the fantasy.Tien sings the chorus part in a powerful way showing women’s courage in love and life.


  Carousel has also been selected as the Global Promotional Song for the Hollywood Catastrophe Movie Adrift. The film is adapted from the 1983 pacific hurricane disaster, one of the ten real catastrophes in North America. It describes that the hero and heroine, two sailing lovers, encountered the strongest hurricane when crossing the Pacific Ocean. Encouraged by the man, the woman repaired the broken sailing boat by herself and found food to save hunger. Eventually the extreme condition spurred her courage for surviving and she went through the difficultytogether with the man.


  The girl power Tien sh春光乍泄ows in the song greatly matches the perseverance and s疫苗研發最快一年truggling spirit of the heroine showed during the catastrophe in the film. Moreover, the film side values Tien’s international style of voice very much so they chose Carousel as the movie’s global promotional song.The organizer invited Tien as the Global Promotional Song Ambassador to attend the movie premier on May 23rd local time. Tien had friendly chats with the main cast of the movie and also shared with the media her personal feelings of singing the promotion song as the Global Promotional Ambassador.


  Tien loves challenge and will always bring us surprise.This is Tien, a singer who always brings you brand new music. Carousel has been released on QQ Music.What’s more, Tien’s debut solo albumwill李光洙拄拐回歸 be on sale in June. Let’s see what changes this voice will bring to the mandarin music.